Saturday, November 2, 2013

Food Blogging: French Mushrooms

Today I decided to get up the courage to try the fantastic-looking mushrooms that I've been seeing at the green grocers.  I'm very glad that I did.

I picked up a basket each of:
  • Cêpes
  • Girolles (Golden Chanterelles)
  • Trumpettes Noirs (black trumpets, another chanterelle)
To get an idea of the taste of each, we sautéed them in nothing but butter (as some reading suggested that most of the flavors popped when cooked as they are fat-soluble.

The Cêpes

The cêpes were very meaty, and due to the accidental use of higher heat than expected, they came out like mushroomy, meaty (pork), potato chips, but not quite so crunchy.  Very tasty.

Les Girolles

Fruity/flowery and peppery.  Apricot is one description that I read, and I'd agree with that.

Les Trumpettes Noirs

These taste like mushrooms.  Earthy, meaty, and delicious.  These are going to be fantastic in omelets.

And when mixed with the Girolles, they complement each other wonderfully.

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