Saturday, October 8, 2016

Gear Review: Brevite Camera Backpack

As I mentioned in my previous post, while the Crumpler bag is great for travel, it's not so great for day-to-day use, and in particular isn't great on a hike.  But then, neither are most hiking back-packs, being designed to be out of the way when you're hiking.

So when I saw the the Brevite kickstarter, I decided to take a chance and back it, and see if it would work out better for me.

Unfortunately, it's not well suited to me and my cameras.  But I think it would be fine for many other people.  An important clue in all of this was in the kickstarter campaign, and had I been paying closer attention, would have realized the issue I ran into in advance.

But first let's talk about the bag, and what it does well.

Gear Review: Crumpler Proper Roady Photo Full Backpack

3 years ago, when living in Paris, I needed something for carrying camera gear on planes that was better than my 10yo daypack.

So I ordered this, having seen the Amazon Basics knock-off version of it:

Proper Roady Photo Full Backpack, by Crumpler

It's been utterly fantastic for carting camera gear and a latop on planes (or any other time I need to travel with the "full kit".  It holds a ton of camera gear and a 15" laptop, fits under-seat if it needs to, and is fairly comfortable once all the straps are adjusted right.

Here it is: