Monday, May 13, 2013

My new neighborhood in Paris: Pigalle, Lepic, and Abbesses

One thing that I remembered from my last trip here (2 years ago) was that Paris has a lot of surprising juxtapositions. But usually, it's just architectural.  Seeing some 20yo building made to look like a palace next to a glass and metal wonder.

In scoping out the current flat that we're staying in using +Google Maps and Street View, I noted that the end of my street was one of the big boulevards. I didn't pay too close of attention to which one it was. Perhaps I should have.  It's Boulevard Clichy.

My first walk to the Monoprix was a bit surprising, and disorientating. If you're not sure why that would be, you'll see a couple pics below.

But then I noticed the sheer variety of people walking down the center of the boulevard, and realized that they just didn't pay any attention to what was off on the sides.  In fact, in another few weeks, as everything leafs out, you'll barely be able to see what's on the side of the boulevard from the central promenade.

So, where is this?  First, the view down the promenade of the boulevard (in the median):

But the sides of the road, where the businesses are.  Well, a different scene exists there:

Integration is good.

Now that Google has deeply integrated Blogger and G+, I suddenly find myself wanting to update this, as it solves a problem I've had with G+ for a while, in that I can't interleave text and images together in a cohesive flow.

And so what will shortly follow is a photo walk through my new neighborhood here in Paris.