Sunday, May 31, 2020

Keyboard Modding: Stabilizer changes frequency analysis

As if modding stabilizers wasn't geeky enough, I went and took the recordings from that work and did a bunch more frequency analysis.  The images in the previous post were just spectrogram plots from Audacity.

I used Audacity to plot out both the spectrum (FFT) of the clips of hitting the spacebar, and plotted how the frequency content of the clips changed with each modification.

But of course, FFT results in a linear spacing of frequency bins, so the upper octaves are pretty hard to read, so I replotted in a linear scale to make that more clear:

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Keyboard Modding: Stabilizers

My daily use keyboard is a GMMK TKL, with Kaihl Bronze switches (clicky), and SA profile keycaps from MaxKey.  It's a decent, inexpensive entry to the world of mechanical keyboards.  Mine is a "customized", with hot-swap sockets so that I can experiment with various key switches.

And while I like the feel of the clicky keys (and the Kaihl Bronze are very sharply clicky), it's a really noisy keyboard.  It's lightweight, and the stabilizers rattle, and if I'm being heavy on the spacebar, I can hear other springs in the switches vibrating (the switch to working from home really pointed out just how loud this thing was, all the little sounds it makes as I was typing).

And so I found myself ordering a bunch of new stabilizers, some lubricants, and while I was at it, a bunch more switches to play around with.