Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jurassic Paris

A Tyrannosaurs Rex in Paris?

Yep.  A parisian sculpter has created a 'life size' sculpture of a T-rex, in polished aluminum.  It's beautiful.  He created castings of a real skeleton to produce this.

It's been shown in various indoor spaces, but was recently installed at the docks of the Bateau Mouche on the bank of the Seine.  I headed down to see it.

 I would have loved to get closer, but I'd need to have tickets for riding the boat to do that.  So I had to settle to taking distance shots with the 200mm end of the lens

These zoomed-in shots show up much detail went into it.

It's sitting on a reflective sheet that lights it from below, creating beautiful effects.  It was a partially cloudy day, and as the clouds passed in front of the sun, it was continually changing in the light.  Wonderful.

And I had to take at least one image and turn it into a high-contrast black and white.

In some digging around for some night-time photos, I found this link which has some more details about it.

It was commissioned by the daughter of the owner of Bateau Mouche, to help promote contemporary art along the Seine.  I think this is a great idea.

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